2017 B.A. Thesis Exhibition
Wellin Museum of Art

May 4 - May 20, 2017
Thursday, May 4, 4 - 6 p.m.

Wellin Museum (Map)


Class of 2017 Senior Art Thesis

Maraina Adams

Contact Information:
Maraina Adams: marainaladams@yahoo.com

Desire, 2016
Desire, 2016
Breath, 2017
Breath, 2017
Breath, 2017
Breath, 2017
Mould, 2017<br />Photo: Kevin Rodriguez '18
Mould, 2017
Flow, 2017 (detail)<br />Photo: Kevin Rodriguez '18
Flow, 2017 (detail)
Dread, 2016; Desire, 2016<br />Photo: Kevin Rodriguez '18
Dread, 2016; Desire, 2016
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Wax is a tactile creature. It breathes, flows, and undulates. It softens to the warmth of a breath and yields to a light touch. It craves manipulation and entices you to touch, examine, understand, feel. But at the same time, it is too fragile. It is so delicate that the lightest force breaks it, so thin that the dimmest light penetrates it. It exists in constant conflict, desiring and dreading the tactile sensation.