Media Scholarship in the Liberal Arts: Emerging Patterns

Throughout this two year project, we have been attempting to identify what it takes to sustain these multimodal courses on our campuses. The individual case studies are a wealth of information on pedagogical approach but we also wondered if analyzed collectively and semi-quantitatively, patterns might emerge to help us plan for growth of multimodal projects on our campuses over time. In reviewing discussion notes, eight topics were consistently visited in conversation and are listed as vertical components in Figure 1. We asked faculty to compare components of their media assignment to other types of assignments they have given by ranking these components in a Media Assignment Survey. Our goals were to seek verification of recurring discussion themes and to also gauge if any patterns emerged about multimodal assignments in courses. A total of 10 courses responded to this survey from our original 15 case studies. Figure 1 plots and summarizes these responses. We have included graphs of the individual course plots for the 10 courses who participated in the case studies section.

Figure 1. Summary Observations from 10 courses comparing media assignments to other types of assignments by the same professor.