Resources: Graphics


Visual Communication and Design

Tips for creating an effective poster, including how long you have to attract your audience and keep them interested, color combination and font, and things to avoid.

Presentation on Visual Communication and Design

A presentation on how to create an effective poster. See also the PowerPoint version.

Visual Literacy Worksheet

A worksheet to help brainstorm what you want others to take away from interacting with your project.

PowerPoint Design

A tutorial/reference on how to create good PowerPoint presentations. See also the PowerPoint presentation that goes along with it.

Presentation on Reading an Image

A presentation on using the elements and principles of composition to interpret still images. See also the PowerPoint version.

Suggested Reading:

Ways of Seeing

By John Berger. A book on the psychological and social implications of visual imagery.

The Designers Complete Index (Boxed Set)

By Jim Krause. A box set containing all three of Jim Krause's "Index" books, which include Idea Index, Layout Index, and Color Index.

Design Basics Index

By Jim Krause. A book focused on covering the basics of creating and designing layouts.

Color: Messages & Meanings

By Leatrice Eiseman. A book detailing how to come up with effective, unique, and credible color choices and combinations.


Large Format Poster Printing Workshop

Information on creating a large format poster in PowerPoint.

Basic PhotoShop Skills

A comprehensive overview of the basic tools and techniques to get started in PhotoShop.

How to Scan with Silverfast

How to scan with Silverfast with the Hamilton College workflow.

How to Scan Film

How to scan slides and film using SilverFast Ai and Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 using the Hamilton College workflow.