Resources: Video


Storyboard Template

A basic template that can be used to create storyboards. View example of storyboard and final product

Basic Videography Checklist

A checklist of basic steps and equipment needed for shooting video, along with references for lighting, camera angle, and shot composition.


Setting Up and Shooting Outline

Some how-to's on setting up and shooting, including video camera basics, universal recommended camera menu settings, shooting basics, and a reference for camera angle and shots.


Final Cut Preferences

How to set Final Cut Pro preferences and what those preferences should be, including System Settings, User Preferences, and Audio/Visual Settings.

Tutorial on iMovie HD

A tutorial on all the fundamental basics of iMovie HD, from creating a new project and importing to exporting and sharing your movie.


Video Evaluation Components

The evaluation sheet with all the various components used in an original video project.

Colgate Studio Art Rubric

Rubric used in Studio Art courses at Colgate and a Rubric developed by artists for local high school projects.

Rubric for Comparative Politics Project

Rubric used for a multimedia project involving logo design and video campaign ads for Govt 112: Comparative Politics, Spring 2007.