Resources: Course and Assignment Planning & Development

Communication Tools

Planning and Design Questions

Questions to be answered in the planning and design stage of a multimodal project

Course Support Template

Hamilton's template for requesting course support. See a completed example.

Sample Timeline

An example of a timeline for course support Govt 112: Comparative Politics.

ITSST @ Hamilton

Instructional Technology Support Services Team at Hamilton College. Overview of the services provided with links to more specific information.

Large Format Poster Support Models

Hamilton's large format printing support models that faculty can choose from to find the model that best suits their individual needs.

Video Support Models

General models of video support, including analytical assignment, original footage assignment, and definitions of support events.

Web & Social Software Support Models

Models of support for websites using iWeb, websites using Dreamweaver, enhanced podcasts, blogs, Wikis, and virtual worlds. Each support model has a link to the PDF of the specific workflow associated with that model.

Example of Support Load Spreadsheet

An example from Spring 2006 of the Hamilton College Course Support load.

Technology Resources

Documentation Center

Hamilton's Technology Support Center

ITS Digital Media/Documentation

Colgate's documentation for various multimedia, including PDFs and video tutorials.


The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education

"This document is a code of best practices to help educators using media literacy concepts and techniques interpret the copyright doctrine of fair use," compiled by American University.

AV Recording Release

Hamilton's form for permission to record audio or video of a speaker or performer.

Copyright Limitations Form

Hamilton's guide for using copyrighted material in course projects.

Copyright Statement for AV Projects

Hamilton's generic copyright statement for all AV projects done at Hamilton.

Broad Permission Form for Hamilton Students

A general permission form for Hamilton's use of a student's work or audio/video recording of a student.