Senior Thesis Art Exhibition

Theodore Golden
West Hartford, CT


I am a multimedia artist and advocate interested in the physicality of the body. Taking inspiration from my experience as a transgender man, and thus my own altered and ever changing body, I create large fiber sculptures reminiscent of the human form. These "pillows,” as I call them, are meant to evoke feelings of intimacy, comfort, transformation, and familiarity, while still maintaining the aura of discomfort and mystery that we all feel in relation to our own physical bodies. By placing these forms together, I hope to evoke a feeling of community, sensuality, and physicality, while also juxtaposing “unusual” or “altered” bodies against conventional bodies to promote normalization of transgender, tattooed, fat, and/or minority bodies among us in our communities.

I would like to thank the Steven Daniel Smallen Memorial Fund for their generous financial support.

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