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Cecilia A. R.

Bronx, NY


Saudade /souˈdädə/


A longing for a time, something, or someone that one was fond of which has been lost. It carries a repressed knowledge that the object might never return, while simultaneously having positive emotions towards the future. It was once described as the “love that remains” or the “love that stays” after someone is gone.

While creating this project, I really had to sit with and reflect on the memories I’ve made in my life. From the beginning, I wanted my project to be a love letter to the times, places, and people that gave me so many memories, both sweet and painful. It is because of these memories that I am who I am today. I have survived some awful things, but I’ve also lived through wonderful experiences. I am grateful that after a childhood of illness, I get to say that, not only have I made it to the age of twenty-two but that I am also graduating college with family and friends by my side. My hope is that my project gives me the opportunity to end this chapter of my life on a high note of celebration and reflection.

I would like to thank the H.E.O.P Program for their generous support. 

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