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Luke Bernard

Paris, France


As a student who is experiencing the COVID 19 pandemic, I understand that how I see the world is changing rapidly, and that this experience is not unique to me, but is also felt by my peers. To highlight this, I created this collection of four short films that reflect how students of Hamilton College have experienced this past year. I asked my peers to respond to the following four words: Isolation, Unrest, Solitude, and Change. I initially compiled the data collect ed through interviews, and organized them in a spread sheet, and that is how I discovered similarities among the feelings that my peers were having during this time of quarantine. I attempted to interview a variety of students who represented a cross section of backgrounds and interests. This four-video immersive experience is a result of those interviews. I hope for this work to be a record of a moment in time, a difficult moment for all.

Note: This work is a fifteen minute experience that includes some violent images, and loud noises and flashing lights. Experiencing the entire work is recommended but not required.

I would like to thank the Steven D. Smallen Memorial Fund and Academic Fund for Seniors for their generous support.

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