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Safa Ahmed

Sun City, AZ

A lot has happened. A lot continues to happen. A lot will happen. How do we not get lost in a world where a lot keeps happening?

We take a break and reflect. These are the moments that do not usually gain attention, these are the moments that we spend with ourselves.

Through my work, I aim to portray the experience of these moments. How these patches of time allow us to pause and form a symbiotic relationship with our surroundings.

The bright colors represent the abundance that both the world and we carry. How it is exciting but can be a balancing act between the intensity of each.

Multiple patterns are used to differentiate between the figures and their environments as well as expose the connection between the two.

The mosaicing is generally meant to serve as a concrete yet vulnerable rendering of the individuals in the paintings. The pixelation is supposed to express the dynamic and malleable nature of the world.

These paintings were made possible by the Steven Daniel Smallen Memorial Fund and the Art Department Funds for Seniors. Thank you so much for your generosity and support. 

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