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Sophie Côté

Acton, MA


My paintings are focused on the relationship between humans and the environment. I have chosen to depict crows as a representative of the way in which nature is impacted by human activity. As human population growth continues to grow exponentially, more and more natural environments are overcome by urbanization and native species are either forced out or forced to adapt. Urban adapters and exploiters, species who have found a way to survive in anthropogenic environments, are thrust face to face with new sets of dangers, resources, and potential niches. The crow, and its close relative the raven, are prominent characters in mythology and literature, often symbolizing death and bad luck. The crow is also a common urban exploiter, a species that has adapted to flourish along humans in urban habitats. My paintings comment on the ways in which nature has adapted to survive humankind's encroaching influence and ask questions about our future as a rapidly urbanizing planet headed toward climate catastrophe.

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