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2018 Teaching Assistant Job Description

The Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy (HCSPiP) is looking for three teaching assistants (TAs) for this summer, one for each of our three courses. We expect that our teaching assistants will be graduate students in philosophy.

Responsibilities for teaching assistants will include assisting faculty in preparing for classes, attending classes, and holding office hours in the evenings. TAs will work with their faculty members on the nature and content of the office hours. Some portion of the TA role includes conversing with undergraduates about graduate work in philosophy, about what to expect if students wish to pursue graduate study and how students should prepare themselves. Other duties of TAs include being available as contacts for students through the days and nights and other possible general administrative tasks.

The HCSPiP will take place between June 24 and July 10, 2018. Faculty and TAs are expected to arrive by Sunday, June 24. Classes will take place, Monday through Friday, during the weeks of June Summer School Web Content, page 7 25 and July 2. Students will depart on July 8. Faculty who teach in the program are invited and expected to present their work at a small conference on pedagogical innovation on Monday, July 9, aimed at teachers in all disciplines. HCSPiP faculty are expected to depart on Tuesday, July 10. TAs are invited to stay through the conference and leave with the faculty on the 10th, but may leave with the students on the 8th.

We will provide TAs with a stipend of $1500, housing, meals, and up to $500 of reimbursement for travel. Contact Russell Marcus, director of the HCSSP, at rmarcus1@hamilton.edu, if you are interested. 

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