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Tutors for 2019


The 2019 Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy (HCSPiP) will hire one-to-three tutors for this summer. We expect that our tutors will be graduate students in philosophy. Their responsibilities may include

  • Panel on philosophy after college.  Tutors will organize and present a panel on philosophy in life after college.  Focus will be especially on the possibilities and experience of attending graduate school in philosophy.  Other options, like law school, could be discussed. Apart from the general requirement that the panel focus on life after graduate school, the structure and content of the panel will be left up to the tutors.
  • Assisting in class prep.  Tutors will assist instructors in preparing and teaching courses.  Responsibilities could include preparing and teaching a class or two, reading student work, gathering or organizing materials, and other clerical tasks.
  • Leading a class.  Tutors may be asked or permitted to run a class session.
  • Office hours.  Tutors may hold evening office hours to assist students in preparing for classes.  Office hours for tutors, if any, should be on school nights: Mon-Thurs, the first week, and then Sun-Thurs.
  • Resident assistants.  Tutors will be expected to keep an eye on drinking and making sure students are safe at night.  In collaboration with the assistant director, tutors will be a first contact if students need help in the dorms.
  • Movie nights.  Tutors may screen movies and run discussions afterwards.  The movies could be related to the courses (work with instructors) or just philosophy related (broadly speaking).
  • Other evening activities.  Tutors will develop and run other evening activities, in collaboration with each other and the program leadership.

The HCSPiP will take place between June 23 and July 9, 2019. Faculty and tutors are expected to arrive by Sunday, June 23. Classes will take place, Monday through Friday, during the ensuing two weeks. Students will depart on July 6. Faculty who teach in the program are invited and expected to present their work at a small conference on pedagogical innovation on Monday, July 8, aimed at teachers in all disciplines. HCSPiP faculty are expected to depart on Tuesday, July 9. Tutors are invited to stay through the conference and leave with the faculty on the 9th, but may leave with the students on the 6th.

Tutors will receive a stipend of $1500, housing, meals, and up to $500 of reimbursement for travel.

We will actively recruit tutors after we have chosen instructors and courses for the program, a process we expect to complete in November.  Contact Russell Marcus, director of the HCSSP any time, at rmarcus1@hamilton.edu, if you are interested. 

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