Karen Brewer, Chair
(315) 859-4726

Chemistry Department
Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323


High Performance Computing Cluster (una)

--480 total cores: 36 dual quad core nodes and 16 dual hexa core nodes with at least
  24 GB memory and 300 GB scratch each

  • Includes large memory nodes with 192 GB memory (2); 120 GB memory (1);
    48 GB memory (2) 

--QDR Infiniband interconnect for efficient parallel processing

--20 TB storage with active backup

--32 TB storage with redundant hardware


GPU Computing

GPU server with 4 GTX 680's

3 GTX 680's in workstations---see below


Analysis Machines (wolfjaw and saddleback)

--wolfjaw: 2 dual quad core nodes with 16GB memory each

--saddleback: 2 CPU SGI Altix 350, 8Gb Ram, 230GB of scratch space



Computational Research Lab

3 27" quad core iMac's w/ 8GB memory and 2TB video cards

3 24" or 27" quad core iMac's w/ 8GB memory and 512MB video cards

2 quad core Linux workstations w/ 16Gb memory, 1TB storage, and GTX 680 GPU

1 dual quad core Linux workstation w/ 12 GB memory, 1TB storage and GTX 680 GPU

Departmental Computer Lab

17 21.5" iMac's, 2 Dell PC’s


MERCURY Consortium Shared Resources

Haystack: 128 CPU SGI Altix w/ 640GB memory and 4.2TB scratch


Marcy HPC Cluster (352 total cores)

14 "thin" nodes: dual octa core nodes with 24GB memory and 500GB scratch

8 "fat" nodes: dual octa core nodes with 96GB memory and 500GB scratch

QDR Infiniband interconnect and 14TB storage