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Chemistry Department
Hamilton College
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    Hamilton College values and supports undergraduate research projects which are collaborations between student and faculty. We work with students on research projects as soon as they are ready, often during the summer after their first year at Hamilton College. In recent summers approximately 25-30 students have worked collaboratively with the Chemistry faculty. The extensive research activity in the department is funded by the College and by external grants. Current and past external funding has come from the American Chemical Society/Petroleum Research Foundation, the Research Corporation, the Clare Boothe Luce Foundation, the Dreyfus Foundation and the National Science Foundation. This extensive research activity of our undergraduates is one of the reasons that our students receive national awards such as Goldwater Scholarships and Fulbright Fellowships.  To fulfill the College's Senior Program requirement, all seniors are required to undertake a one-semester research project under the direction of a faculty member. Most of our concentrators do a two semester Senior Project, and most of them have had research experience prior to their senior year.  A list of recent Senior Project titles can be found at this link.

Research Opportunities

Summer Research Fellowships at Hamilton

Research Groups - Summer 2014

Brewer Group: Bryon Banman '16, Andrew Fletcher '17, Prof. Brewer, Erik Antzcak '16, Phoebe Greenwald '16


Cotten Group: Prof. Cotten, Bryan Ferguson '17, Mason Schoeneck '15, Aida Shadrav '17, Laura McCormick '15, Binh Nguyen '16


Elgren Group: Prof. Elgren, Liz DaBramo '15, Rachel Sobel '15


Kinnel Group: Bryce Timm '15, Ashton Lowenstein '17, Prof. Kinnel, Micheal Carducci '17. Zach Klein '15


Majireck Group: Alex Kaplan '16, Ben Wesley '16, Ben Schafer '17, Yingbin Mei '16, Chris Williams '17, Esther Cleary '15,
John Bennett '16, Hannah Ferris '16, Prof. Majireck

Rahn Group: Jonathan Shapiro '17, Dr. Rahn, Brian Rahn


Rosenstein Group: Allie Eckert '15, Grace Williams-Duhamel '15, Prof. Rosenstein, David Seavey '17, John DeGuardi '16, Jed Kass '16


Van Wynsberghe Group: Prof. Van Wynsberghe, Patrick Marris '16, Mia Kang '17, Rich Wenner '17, Steve Young (Systems Administrator)


Research Groups - Summer 2013


Brewer Group: Laura Rivera, Edwin Marrero, Hannah Jaiven, Peter Campbell, Prof. Brewer, Andrew Szatkowski, Catherine Oglevee
Cotten Group: Jeremy Brendle, Prof. Cotten
Elgren Group: Jacob Wagner, Ashleigh Stephan, Prof. Elgren, Liz DaBramo, Rachel Sobel, Brian Rahn and Tina Zeina
KInnel Group: Bryce Timm, Krystina Choinski, Laura McCormick, Prof. Kinnel, Sky Aulita, Tara Hansen and Shakil Hossain
Van Wynsberghe Group: Prof. Van Wynsberghe, Jia Hsien Ho, Carmen Montagnon, Savannah Alvarado, Alvin Wu, Leah Krause and Bryon Banman